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Frame Restoration


Prices for restoring frames will vary depending on what has to be done.

Average C-1 frame is $6,000.00 USD

Average C-2 frame is $6,500.00 USD

Average C-3 frame is $6,000.00 USD

These prices include sandblasting the first time.


Prime and Paint

All frames are sandblasted a second time after the work is completed. Then the frame is primed, blocked sanded, and painted GM black. This is an additional charge.


Frame Inventory

We have done frames that we can exchange for your old frame. Please contact us for details of our current inventory of available frames.



There are several trucking companies that we work with for frame shipping. Please call to discuss pricing and arrangements.


We can also deliver your frame to you at certain car shows. Currently, we regularly attend the Bloomington Gold and Corvettes at Carlisle shows.


We Buy Cores

We buy frame cores as long as they are not bent frames.

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